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Washington, DC (KROC-AM News) - Police in Washington DC are investigating an assault on a member of Minnesota's congressional delegation.

Nick Coe, who serves as the Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Angie Craig issued a statement today indicating the Second Congressional District US Representative was assaulted in the elevator at her apartment building in Washington DC around 7:15 AM. Coe indicated the second-term Democrat defended herself from her attacker and suffered some bruising, but "is otherwise physically okay."

Protest Held Outside Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's DC Home
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The statement says her attacker fled the scene and the Congresswoman called 911 to report the assault. According to her Chief of Staff, there is no evidence that the incident was politically motivated.

Coe says Representative Craig "is grateful to the DC Metropolitan Police Department for their quick response and asks for privacy at this time."

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