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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A surveillance camera that was literally just feet away from a recent murder in downtown Rochester became a major part of the police investigation.

downtown Rochester shooting memorial


And if the City Council grants a request at its Monday meeting, there may soon be more of the cameras in the downtown.


The council is being asked to approve a request to spend up to $200,000 “to purchase and install cameras in integrated locations downtown.”

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)


City administration says there is an expectation that more people will return to the downtown as the pandemic continues to ease and this has led to an increased focus on “public safety and policing strategies.”

Administration and the police department want to “ensure a safe return for people to downtown Rochester” and one of those strategies is the deployment and increased use of surveillance cameras.

“One of the ways to prevent crime, and enhance public safety, is through the use of strategically-placed integrated cameras. Cameras allow for critical information to be relayed at critical times to first responders and the community. As they relate to public safety, they aid in crime prevention, crime reduction, and increase violent offenders perception that they will be caught if they commit crime. These cameras are additive to the existing network and create a more comprehensive downtown system. “

If the council approves, this could be just the beginning of a large surveillance system.

“The City and RPD will continue to partner closely on identifying current and upcoming capital improvement projects for future camera locations prior to bidding to include these expenditures within project budgets.”

Mayo Clinic already has an extensive surveillance/security camera system in the downtown.

News update: There has been yet another deadly motorcycle accident in Minnesota.

$25,000 Rewards Offered in Two Rochester Cold Case Murder Investigations

The Rochester Police Department is hoping to identify those responsible for the deaths of April Sorenson and Robert Volgmann.


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