I feel sorry for President Obama. He declared “no smidgen of corruption” in the IRS, and critical Lois Lerner emails disappear. Thousands of illegal immigrants and drug dealers cross our borders, and he can’t get a lost US. Marine out of a Mexican prison.

This “transparent administration” prohibits Border Patrol officers from speaking to the press or taking photographs of overflowing detention facilities.

Obama’s declaration of victory and U.S. troop withdrawal in Iraq is rewarded by renewed Islamic jihadist expansion that threatens the Iraq capital and brings Iran into the fray to protect the Maliki regime. Obama may be forced to provide renewed military assistance despite America’s war fatigue.

His “Lead from Behind” strategy led to chaos in Libya, where the Benghazi perpetrators still roam free, and the tragedy still stalks the administration, and presumptive Democrat presidential candidate and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Leading from behind put the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypt before the Egyptian military wisely ousted them. Administration’s policies toward Iran, Syria, Russia, and Afghanistan are problematic.

Five Islamist terrorist leaders were freed from GITMO to plot more terror. State Department spokespersons are evasive. Obama’s advisors keep the detached president so uninformed that he admits he learns about these events from the media. Being president isn’t easy.

Tom Ostrom is a regular on KROC-AM, appearing with Andy Brownell on Rochester Today on Tuesday and Friday(10-11 a.m.)