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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Olmsted County has released a summary of the federal money it received to deal with issues related to the Covid pandemic. The county received more than $19-million.

Here is the information from the county:
Over the past several months, Olmsted County has used these funds to adapt to providing services in a COVID-19 environment and help individuals and families in our communities facing hardships due to the pandemic.
Examples of the county’s CARES Act fund expenses are provided below. It’s important to note that the county expects to continue experiencing ongoing pandemic-related expenses.

COVID-19 related needs for the vulnerable – ($2 million)
These funds covered emergency isolation and quarantine shelter as well as access to basic needs – food, transportation, shelter, mental health care – for those in crisis because of COVID-19. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency financial assistance to individuals or families directly impacted by loss of income (eviction prevention, emergency shelter, rent, mortgage, utility, childcare, etc.).
    Emergency Assistance (rent, mortgage): $858,109
    Eviction prevention – legal aid: $54,658
    HRA – Reimbursement for homeless shelter operations: $7,000
    HRA – Reimbursement for lodging costs: $2,122
  • Food delivery to vulnerable populations.
    Channel One Backpack program (food support): $199,957
    Meals on Wheels: $55,282
    Family Service Rochester Fresh Food Delivery (food for seniors): $45,342
  • Mental health services for uninsured and underinsured and public school students.
    Mental health in K-12 schools (Byron, Pine Island, Rochester, Stewartville): $212,674
    Mental health – stay active initiative: $6,451
  • Testing at-risk groups.
  • Graham Park – COVID test site: $213,720
  • Outbreak and high-risk COVID-19 testing: $53,000
  • Targeted COVID-19 education and outreach to at-risk populations.
  • Public Health outreach to at-risk populations: $79,000

Economic support to organizations affected by COVID-19 - ($4.6 million)

  • · Grants for small businesses including administration costs for Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc. (RAEDI): $3,968,501
  • · Grants for non-profits including administration costs for the Rochester Area Foundation: $672,707
  • County facilities and operations costs required to manage COVID-19 - ($12.7 million)
    Cost recovery for personnel, facilities and supplies, and technology expenses incurred in leading the public health response to COVID-19. Examples include but are not limited to:
  • · Public Health and Public Safety payroll (staff substantially dedicated to mitigating or responding to the COVID-19 pandemic): $9,454,712
  • · Temporary judicial space during pandemic to ensure appropriate physical distancing: $2,453,740
  • · Expansion of the Rochester Community Warming Center: $355,868
  • · Public Health Emergency Operations Center: $71,103
  • · Upgrading the Olmsted County Emergency Operations Center: $46,886
  • · Telework equipment and Public Health software: $36,743
  • · Personal protective equipment (PPE): $19,681
Heidi Welsch
Heidi Welsch/ Olmsted County photo

“The COVID-19 pandemic forced hardships on many people in our Olmsted County cities and townships,” said Olmsted County Administrator Heidi Welsch. “Olmsted County used federal CARES funds prudently to provide COVID assistance and help improve quality of life during a very challenging time.

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