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The democratic foundation set by the Founding Fathers is threatened by the radical Democrats and their allies. This is America’s “existential threat.”

The Leftists want to expunge America’s exceptional history and capitalist system and replace them with a socialist dictatorship to crush political dissent.

The American System is being attacked by identity politics and left-wing supremacists who falsely claim the danger comes from “deplorable” Trump supporters.

The leftist propaganda taught in schools and colleges called “Critical Race Theory” is right out of the Marxist playbook to cause socio-economic class warfare.

Police shootings involve criminals who have guns, shoot at police, and resist arrest. Misplaced sympathy for criminals increases the tragedies. The anti-cop crowd wants to defund police, take their non-lethal protection weapons, and prevent them from making traffic stops, which are often dangerous.

Democrats and the media claim it is “racist” to question and reform the “irregularities” of the problematic 2020 election, but many states are doing so despite pushback and intimidation.

Pulitzer Prize recipient and New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin chastised what he calls the “lap-dog media” for its cover-ups of Biden family machinations and election irregularities.

David Horowitz chronicled the threats to democracy posed by the politically correct “Woke” Leftists in his new book, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America. The author traces the Communist-Marxist roots of political correctness, identity politics, “systemic racism,” and class warfare that fosters divisive politics, violence, intimidation, and cancel culture. As American Thinker columnist Daniel Greenfield puts it in his review of the Horowitz book, “the road to a one-party state.” Horowitz covers academic and workplace indoctrination, alleged racism, censorship, and gender warfare.

Horowitz concludes, “Fascism and Communism have come to America wrapped in the legacy of the civil rights movement.” Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff quotes John Fonte’s article, “End Nationalism, End America.” Fonte explains the liberal “promotion of multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality,” and the Left-wing call for “revolutionary action.”

Leftists, Mirengoff asserts, “want to replace our Constitution;” and “ceding sovereignty to international bodies negates the Constitution.”

The Left wants to replace Red GOP states with Blue Democrat states via open border illegal immigration.

The U.S. military was purged by the Obama administration of conservative, traditional patriotic officers. The liberal “Woke” replacements are now searching for alleged military conservative “insurrectionists.” Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson says this means “the Woke Military is now like the Yale faculty lounge with cruise missiles.”

As observers have noted, Communist China military and political leaders are not diluting academic standards to accommodate “equity,” or punishing their loyal nationalist military and navy personnel. They are teaching their civilian and military officials advanced technology and training their soldiers and sailors to be warriors capable of winning wars and expanding China’s geopolitical influence.

Ironically, the Left’s inexplicable racial discrimination against high achieving Asian American students will facilitate the global dominance of China Asians.

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