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Legal Immigration has been a lifeblood to America in terms of cultural enrichment and economic expansion. European migration maximized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Patriotism and assimilation were enhanced. The way the Left and some Democrats demonize America, one wonders why they even want immigrants to come to this allegedly evil, racist, phobic nation.

The Biden administration, Department of Homeland Security, and Vice President Harris, ostensibly the border Tsarina, insist the border is controlled and closed, not “open.” Just as the administration insists there is no inflation, and patriotic Americans, especially males, are the greatest national threat.

The open border brings lethal drugs from China and Mexico into the United States. Sex trafficking and criminal gangs cross with ease. The deluge is an insult to the thousands of people who stand in line and fill out forms to come to America legally. Syndicated columnist Patrick J. Buchanan wonders about the cultural impact of immigrants whose first act is to illegally enter the U.S: what will their attitudes be about other American laws, regulations, and traditions.

Some observers believe Democrats want open borders to get more voters and turn the pro-Republican Red states Blue. Some cynics suggest wealthy Democrats want this endless flow of illegal migrants to provide them with domestic help, and keep wages low to increase corporate profits.

African Americans have recently demonstrated against the illegal flow because it results in job competition, keeps wages low, and deprives them as American citizens of employment opportunities. The Latin American community is increasingly opposed to the illegal immigration flow for economic reasons, the cost to taxpayers, and related crime, costs, and impact on hospitals and schools.

Some Americans believe the illegal flow of immigrants could be stopped by demanding Mexico close its border or suffer trade retaliation. The United States is Mexico’s largest trade partner. Others say the U.S. military should be given the authority to stop this “invasion,” and along with Customs, Border patrol, and the U.S. Coast Guard, subdue the criminal element with all necessary force, rather than going overseas to protect the borders of other nations. Former president Donald J. Trump suggested military attacks on cartel warehouses and headquarters in Mexico, using U.S. Air Force power.

The rank hypocrisy of Democrat leaders and government officials is exhibited by their anger at southern border governors and mayors sending planes and busloads of illegal immigrants to Blue State locals like New York, Washington DC, and Martha’s Vineyard. Those leaders say, “Not in my backyard!” Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts officials used the National Guard to confine the miscreants to a military base. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the wealthy Democrat leader, showed the ultimate hypocrisy and self-interest in her response as quoted on 30 September in the New York Post, claiming Florida farmers needed the migrants to “pick crops down there,” and ostensibly asking, “Why are you shipping these immigrants up north?”

Arizona Republican Andy Biggs tweeted, “It’s clear Pelosi (and other Democrats) are exploiting illegal aliens, only viewing them as cheap labor,” seemingly stereotyping them as only farm laborers.

American Thinker columnist Steve McCann sees the illegal migrant flow as “the demise of American citizenship,” as migrants “openly defy laws without consequence…and flee to sanctuary jurisdictions, receive welfare, education, medical care, drivers’ licenses, and college tuition, exempt from federal immigration law and health regulations.”

Most of the arrivals have gone through expensive and dangerous journeys to get to America. Most are decent people looking for a better life for their families. Most will enrich America. But the border must be controlled, as it was during the Trump administration. The immigration and citizenship process must be welcoming, safe and legal, as it has been for most of American history.

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