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Hopefully, the “Cancel Culture” warriors, rioters, and their Democrat allies will themselves be canceled out before civil liberties, market place capitalism, law and order, and American exceptionalism are expunged.

Democrat officials and supporters of the violent insurrections are afraid of their mobs because rioters show no compulsion about turning on supporters who deviate from the orthodoxy.

Mobs show up at the homes of officials. Maybe armed American patriots should show up at the homes of the insurrectionists to intimidate them and destroy their property. Maybe their government welfare and unemployment, and sources of funding should be eradicated.

The forces of local, state, and federal law enforcement have been extraordinarily patient as they suppress rioters with limited force, and watch left-wing prosecutors refuse to prosecute the arrestees. Increasingly, law officers are using more non-lethal force, and civilians with carry permits have confronted mobs and suppressed them when thugs try to penetrate suburbia and rural areas.

Outraged patriots, bikers, and police officers at the Sturgis South Dakota motorcycle rally did just that, as have the citizens in other locales. Police in Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Kenosha, and Seattle have gotten more aggressive against perpetrators.

If the rioters continue their potentially and real lethal attacks on law officers and property, police and citizen lethal force may be reciprocated by accident or intent. Defunding police is cultural suicide that most Americans, including inner-city dwellers, oppose. Defunding is part of the Leftist “Deconstructionist” agenda.

The insurrectionists do not seem well educated but only enunciate bumper-sticker ideologies. They have been poorly “educated” by radical professors, some of whom even claim traditional mathematics is a manifestation of “Western Imperialism.” At Rutgers University, the English Department has declared teaching traditional grammar is “racist. ” These foolish academics are expunging standards to appease rebellious and marginal students. If the traditional professoriate doesn’t resist these “expunging movements” and regain control of their subject areas, they might lose their credibility, specialties, and careers.

The threat to America from the Left has been illuminated by, in my opinion, seditious and treasonous attempts by the Obama administration, congressional Democrats, and rogue FBI agents to remove candidate and then President Trump from office. That literal conspiracy is being pursued by U.S. Attorney Durham. Indictments are allegedly pending.

Powerline commentator Paul Mirengoff wrote that in order to resist and extinguish Leftist policies that threaten America, the nation must achieve “a strong military defense, immigration law enforcement, proactive policing, and reject identity politics and anti-American renditions of history.”

Sensible educators and other cultural leaders must instill national pride and inculcate traditional values. Mirengoff believes policies must be crafted that enhance “merit selection, free speech, and religious freedom.”

Voters should consign to the “Dustbin of History” the Leftist insurrectionists and their political, academic, and media allies.

It is up to the electorate to choose leaders that have the courage and ability to pursue and achieve those objectives. The Republican National Convention and its inspiring speakers illustrated the superiority of ideas and leaders the GOP offers over the chaotic candidates and policies of the Democrat Party.

The vicious, violent “mostly peaceful rioters” appear to have damaged the Democrat Party and its inept municipal and Blue State officials according to emerging poll numbers and the concerns expressed by politicians and media analysts.

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