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In less than one year in office, the Biden presidency has managed to unravel former President Trump’s successful domestic and foreign policies.

President Biden’s poll numbers have cratered. Foreign leaders express concern about Biden’s cognitive decline. General Milley said he had concerns about Trump. Has he discussed Biden with his China cohort?

Open borders are a public safety and national security issue. Inflation and energy costs threaten economic growth and stability. Trump gave the U.S. energy independence. Biden took that away. The Afghanistan pull-out is a geostrategic and national security disaster.

The politicized DOJ/FBI are civil liberties threats. Some observers think the FBI is the law enforcement agency that should be defunded. The DOJ was more interested in monitoring parents than ANTIFA and BLM.

The national economy has been destabilized by Democrat tax and spend policies. The IRS is politicizing again with threatened bank account snooping.

The inestimable political cartoonist A.F. Branco and satirical Babylon Bee give us needed humor. They have covered the above issues, with Branco’s reminders of President Trump’s achievements: energy independence, secure borders, Middle East peace, and Trump’s query, “Miss Me Yet?”

Some Republican and media analysts predict Biden’s blunders will guarantee election victories in 2022 and 2024. Other observers fear victories won’t happen unless “election irregularities” are ameliorated, and guilty parties punished.

The administration of national and state elections must be returned to state officials. The courts have not intervened in election controversies because of separation of powers, political cowardice, and in my view, fear of mob and Deep State retaliation.

Another concern difficult to quantify is the impact of social media censorship on low information voters.

Recent election assessments have come from New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin, The Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway, author of the book on the 2020 election, entitled “Rigged,” and Texas researcher and statistician, William Doyle.

Goodwin synthesizes his own and 2020 election research by Doyle and Hemingway. Goodwin pondered in his October 12 column, “Where is the Post’s Pulitzer for the (Hunter) Biden laptop expose?”

Goodwin’s October 16 column discusses the work of Hemingway and Doyle in his “White House Not Stolen but Bought with (Facebook mogul) Mark Zuckerberg’s Money.”

Number cruncher William Doyle “showed how nonprofit organizations spent enormous sums in the districts Biden won,” and concluded the election “was likely bought by (Zuckerberg) pouring his money through legal loopholes.” Doyle “tracked,” Goodwin asserted, Zuckerberg’s “promotion of universal mail-in voting (excused by the need to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic), the push for unlocked and unwatched drop boxes, and extended deadlines.”

Hemingway describes how Zuckerberg contributed $419 million “Zuckerbucks” to Democrat “activists to infiltrate local election operations,” writes Goodwin, “to take over jobs government workers were supposed to do, hire poll workers, collect absentee ballots, and ‘cure’ those with errors.”

There were enough election irregularities in various states to make President Trump and many of his followers believe the election was stolen: voting machine machinations, mysterious unfolded ballots, unsigned absentee ballots, and counting errors and manipulation.

Suspicious political activities occurred, including in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the Democrat mayor allegedly outsourced the management of the election, and the mayor’s chief of staff saying he’d ‘follow the orders’ of Zuckerberg groups. In Pennsylvania, activists allegedly sued to bypass election “protections,” the Democrat governor consented, and Democrat Supreme Court approved.

In Georgia, critics say Democrat activist Stacey Abrams got the governor to consent to a modified decree on ballot signatures.

National voter fraud undoubtedly occurred. How much is debatable, and difficult to substantiate.

Michael Goodwin has advice for Republicans in the 2022 elections: “Party leaders hoping to take back Congress in next year’s midterms would do well to understand the details of how Democrats pulled off the swing state victories for Biden.”

But the recent elections in the Blue states of Virginia and New Jersey indicate a Red Wave washing away the radical Left Blue waters of the two states, with stunning vote totals for conservatives, moderates, women and other minorities, tired and angry over the Progressive, Marxist and totalitarian excesses of the Democrat Party. If the Red tide continues, it does not bode well for the Biden administration or Democrat Party in 2022 and 2024.

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