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The violent riots continue, aided and abetted by Democrat politicians and Leftists who want the disruptions, COVID-19 lockdowns, and economic uncertainties to continue so Trump is defeated in 2020.

The ever-partisan Rep. Jerry Nadler had the audacity and ignorance, while not wearing his mask, to assert the claim of Antifa-BLM urban violence is a “myth.”

The shortsighted closing of schools is stimulating parental choice for private and charter schools and homeschooling. Public schools that don’t open should be “defunded,” and that money given for parents and students use.

Law officers have been killed, maimed, and allegedly blinded by Antifa-Black Lives Matter thugs. Los Angeles police grew tired of Antifa women attacking them verbally and physically and retaliated with arrests and body slamming them to the ground. Police deprived by politicians of non-lethal crowd control weapons have refused to provide security at public events.

As others have observed, Democrats are worried that voters are increasingly angry and rejecting the “mostly peaceful” Antifa-BLM rioter claim. The latest Leftist lunacy is that the anarchist violence is led by “white supremacists” and federal police.

President Trump is blamed by Democrats and the media for the riots and China virus. Trump fights back against attempts to demonize and remove him from office. Democrats don’t accept election results if they lose.

Supporters of Trump didn’t put him in office to compromise with his antagonists. His supporters want him to stop destructive Leftist policies and drain the Deep State swamp of globalists, DOJ/FBI seditionists, and elitist media and academic extremists who side with Communist China, They are the “existential threats” to America, not alleged human-caused climate change.

Eminent historian Victor Davis Hanson said, “America doesn’t have to be perfect to be good,” and those who try to expunge American history are “a minority of the population who don’t care about icons and statues, but only the humiliation of political opponents and acquisition of political power.”

Noted historian Arthur Herman believes President Trump has dealt successfully with “unprecedented domestic crisis and global issues,” has challenged the wisdom and decisions of “so-called experts,” and will be supported in the election of 2020 by voters “who will never judge Trump as harshly as the media does.” Herman said President Obama sought to “manage American decline,” while Trump seeks to “restore American pride and economic growth.”

American Thinker columnist Trevor Thomas summarized it well: “Ignorant mandates, businesses and schools closed, statues torn down, knees at the National Anthem, hateful acts, and violence toward police further motivates me to cast my ballot for Donald Trump.”

Hopefully, the predicted huge numbers of the “Silent and Silenced Majority” get to the polls to reelect President Trump and crush the anti-American radical Left. As voters increasingly conclude that the Democrats, Antifa, and BLM “are the cause of the chaos,” the election should tilt to Trump.

The insurrection must be defeated because, as Civil War president Abraham Lincoln asserted, “A House (nation) divided against itself cannot stand.”

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