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The clash of ideas between Democrats and Republicans will likely determine American culture and politics for the next generation.

The battle lines are marked within the media, political parties, academia, Congress, and the judicial system.

The British progressive elites were dealt a heavy blow in early May when the conservative Tory party delivered an electoral defeat to the Leftist Labor party.

Powerline’s John Hinderaker explained the British election results and cited London Times reporter Rakib Ehsan: “Student-style political activism, crude racism, identity and racialized politics” were rejected by “the vast majority of Britons.” Hinderaker replied, “Let’s hope American voters will be as fed up with wokism as the Brits were” in the coming 2022 election.

The Democrat claim of “systemic racism” is ludicrous, given their open borders policy. As A.F. Branco exhibits in his political cartoon featuring Immigrants at the U.S. border chanting, “Please let us in so we can be victims of systemic racism and white supremacy.”

In a recent column, Pat Buchanan asked the Biden administration, “Can you lead a country about whose history you profess shame? How long will Americans follow leaders who appear to agree with those who hate what America was and is?”

The Biden administration stepped up the march to socialism and took draconian measures to respond to the China virus, increasing government authoritarianism to maximize political control. The media is on that side, and law enforcement has assisted the control effort. Presidents Trump was correct about facilitating the vaccinations, the Wuhan virus origins, and functional medications, but the media and Democrats declared him wrong to deprive him of credit.

The Left says, “Follow the science” when convenient, but ignores “the science” to peddle generally unproven assertions, supported by pseudo-terminology for their unscientific claims of “systemic racism,” “existential threats,” “gender as personal choice,” and “critical race theory,” as well as the science of gender biology and climate claims.

Charges of alleged racism intimidate critics into silence. An extraordinary element of the emerging one-party state is the evolution of the corporate world into lackeys of the socialist movement. At the turn of the 20th century, corporations were pro-capitalist opponents of the Progressive movement. Today, the Populists are the freedom and working-class advocates. Corporations have flipped to the government control side of the political spectrum. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham asks them, “Have you lost your minds?”

American Thinker columnist Steve Feinstein did a compelling analysis of America’s march to extremism in his May column. Aided by media censorship and manipulation, the progressive socialists, Feinstein contends, will continue their mission until the common people see their opportunities and economic growth diminished. Feinstein predicts “A Great Awakening,” followed by “an anti-progressive voting wave.”

Feinstein thinks the voter backlash will be “huge, as more personal rights are taken away, replaced by mandates and quotas.”

The “Backlash” will be successful, Feinstein concludes, “when the average Democrat, teacher, plumber, professionals, and other voters realize their work is merely supporting others; and the chances of them and their children getting ahead are non-existent” because of “progressive policies.”

And then there are those pesky 70-80 million supporters of Donald J. Trump. Those evil, patriotic “Deplorables” are ready for the great awakening to bring back the good old days of Trumpian policies.

Steve Feinstein believes “the progressive bottom” will be reached soon: “We are almost there. Recovery begins in 2022.”

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