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The political scene is so polarized and contentious that it is difficult to assess. The reader will have to decide what is true and what is conjecture. Nonetheless, with that admonition and cautionary note, here is my take on several issues.

President Biden’s Homeland Security Chief insisted in congressional testimony that “the border is secure.” With the onslaught of Illegal immigrants and the horrible incidents of immigrant deaths and sexual abuse, what is the secretary thinking? What does he know? Is he purposefully deceptive or ignorant? He seems never to be asked at congressional hearings what he thinks of the drug cartel smuggling of the drugs that kill thousands of Americans per year. This situation is an invasion, the U.S. Army should be called upon to stop it, and the border made as secure as it was in the Trump administration Why do the Democrats sanction this invasion? What are their political objectives?

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Testifies In Senate Hearing
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Note the hypocrisy of Washington DC mayor Muriel Browser, who thinks it is “unfair” that illegal immigrants are costly to the nation’s capital, while not concerned about the socio-economic costs to Texas, Arizona, and states further north.

Then, there is the dichotomy of Senate Republicans who are cooperating with Senate Democrats to prevent Americans from challenging elections in the future, despite the plethora of evidence that massive “irregularities” and fraud existed in the 2020 elections. The necessary reform is simple; states must ensure albeit under the Federal Constitution, that the state legislatures control elections, not outside entities.

Then, the issue of minority voters and the impact they have on the political process. It appears from recent polls, that the policies of the Biden administration and Democratic governors mean increasing numbers of Hispanic, Asian American, and African voters are gravitating to the Republican party, and Blue State residents are fleeing to the Red States.

And the issue of Joint Chiefs General Milley. In September 2021 the general allegedly held “back-channel” discussions with China in the Trump administration, without the president’s knowledge or approval. Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) is investigating the propriety and legality of that conversation.

To continue along military lines, some retired flag officers are concerned about the Wokeness and liberal indoctrination allegedly infiltrating the curricula of the military and naval academies, to the detriment of training warfighters to compete with China. The military training of the Chinese military and naval services is far more oriented to technology, strategy, and logistics, and, let it be said, nationalism and patriotism.

House Select January 6 Committee Holds Its Eighth Hearing
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How about that January 6 probe conducted by Congress and Speaker Pelosi and her partisan entourage, backed by liberal, RINO, anti-Trump Republican Liz Cheney without defense counsels. Cheney is running for re-election in conservative Republican Wyoming, where her GOP primary challenger enjoys a 30-point lead that might end Cheney’s congressional career. Will she run for president? Rumors say “Yes.” Cheney says that is yet to be decided, “down the road.” Critics of the probe say it is designed to denigrate Donald Trump and prevent him from running again in 2024.

Meanwhile, FBI whistle-blowers are expressing disappointment and alleged examples of political machinations and cover-ups in the FBI. The Biden administration shuts down U.S. petroleum production, sells petroleum reserves to geopolitical adversary China, and fails to carry out his executive responsibility to enforce border security and congressional immigration law. Some Republicans insist that is an impeachable offense.

The repercussions of these issues and policies will be seen in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

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