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The decline of America at the hands of the Left-wing “Progressives,” and the Democrat Party is evident to observers at home and overseas.

The 22 November issue of the Wall Street Journal contained a perceptive critique of American education by Ms. Habi Zhang, a Ph.D. candidate. The scholar wrote a letter to the editor contrasting the way young students in China and America are educated.

Young Chinese students are subjected to high academic standards, rigorous homework, and discipline. But her young child in America was taught “Woke” liberalism, how bad America is, absent challenging homework. The doctoral student feared for America’s future in any contest with Communist China. Ms. Zhang said “Woke” American schools and the government, are emulating China by “limiting free expression” and “controlling thoughts.”

Zhang said Chinese students score at the top of mathematics and science tests, while American students are taught identity politics and victimization. Zhang said Xi Ping, the president of China, and the schools and colleges teach “unity” and “national pride,” and the Chinese people “no longer hide their enmity for America.”

American Thinker’s Dennis L. Weisman, retired Kansas State University economics professor writes that the erosion of academic standards and Woke censorship in the liberal arts, mathematics, and science, are racist in its premise that minority students cannot meet traditional standards; and reflects “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Left-wing Progressivism contains Marxist-Communist objectives, as exhibited in columnist Ed Sherdlu’s coverage of the nomination of Soviet-trained Marxist Saule Omarova for Comptroller of the Currency in the Treasury Department. Omarova favors putting the Federal Reserve in charge of individual savings and checking accounts, and wants to “bankrupt all the coal, oil and gas companies.”

Columnist Ned Ryun of Alpha News argues that the Progressive Woke political movement would impose authoritarianism, rule by the intellectual elites, and the punishment and ostracism of dissenters. who dare question school board policies. This strategy is supported by the Left-wing media and the cancel culture social media.

The Deep State, Ryun suggests, applied those methods and objectives, in their unsuccessful attempt to remove President Donald J. Trump from office.

Retired liberal arts professor Loyd Pettegrew, a Townhall columnist, adds the education establishment to the Woke movement to “fundamentally transform America, aiming “to destroy America to save it.” Pettigrew contends “universities care less about educating students than taking their student loan money and firmly implanting their Marxist ideology.”

Pettegrew adds the American Medical Association to the WOKE list, with its capitulation to gender and critical race theory politics.

As far as the threat to traditional America, allegedly deliberately posed by Leftist extremists, the Epoch Times published an early November assessment by former law student Keith Alber in a letter to the editor. Alber cited a political science text that listed the steps revolutionaries list to overthrow democratic governments:

Divide the nation into contentious ethnic groups (which historians call “Balkanization”); undermine trust in police authority; allow open borders and ignore federal immigration law; weaken military strength and unity; facilitate economic and civic unrest and street violence; corrupt the voting process and balloting; control the media narrative; and I would add, challenge capitalism and the premise that America is a good, decent, and exceptional nation.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson noted in a recent Town Hall column that Americans are “losing confidence” in our government because of “woke policies, institutional censorship and bias, politicized federal health spokespersons, the education establishment, corporate executives, law enforcement, prosecution attorneys, and top military leaders.

Professor Hanson contents the historical tide is turning, “as conservatives who used to oppose regulating large corporations are now calling for regulating and breaking up the social media monopolies” that suppress information and censor countervailing views.

Unless remedied, Hanson ponders “the effect of half the country losing faith in the very pillars of American civilization.”

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