Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - One of the people charged with attacking and robbing a woman at a southeast Rochester Park in June has entered into a plea agreement.

19-year-old Luis Aguilera Salcedo admitted to a felony terroristic threats charge on Thursday and is scheduled to be sentenced on December 28th. He originally faced two other felony charges, including first-degree aggravated robbery.

Aguilera Salcedo was arrested after a teenage girl showed up at St. Mary’s Hospital the night of June 19th and reported being attacked by a group of people at Slatterly Park. She told investigators she had gone in a car with Aguilera Salcedo and another defendant to purchase some marijuana, and when they arrived at the park to smoke the pot, he pulled out a gun and ordered her of the vehicle. That’s when a group of people arrived and assaulted her after pulling her out of the car. A necklace worn by the victim was also stolen during the attack.

Portions of the incident were recorded on a cell phone video.

Investigators say it appears the young woman was targeted because she had begun a relationship with the boyfriend of one of her attackers.

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