Rochester, MN (KROC News) - It may have been a record. The Rochester City Council met until after 4 a.m. Tuesday, believed to be one of the longest - if not THE longest - regular meetings in city history.

There were a number of hearings that included multiple speakers and lengthy discussion that kept councilmembers there for more than 9 hours.

The final one was a proposed ordinance that would allow Uber to begin offering service in the city. The council has been debating the ordinance for months. One of the major hangups is trying to create "an even playing field" for the existing taxicab operators. The Council will have to take up the proposed ordinance at a later date because it voted 3-3 with councilmember Sandra Means absent.

Councilmember Nick Campion blamed the council for the long meeting and suggested some changes in hopes of avoiding future marathons. One would be to limit speakers to 10 minutes. Some at Monday's meeting spoke for 45 minutes.

 It’s not known if changes will be adopted before the next meeting.


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