Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- Charges filed in Olmsted County Court Wednesday accuse a Rochester man of sending sexually-explicit images to an underage girl. 

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Court records say a witness reported to Rochester Police that an adult man had sent the images to a girl under the age of 15. The photos were allegedly sent last fall. 

The victim told a police investigator she met 26-year-old Austin Nachatilo during a meeting last summer and said the two would message back and forth. Nachatilo then sent the young girl a lewd photo of himself twice in a week span last fall. He also asked the girl to send a sexually explicit image of herself, according to the criminal complaint. 

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Nachatilo then told investigators he knew the girl and admitted to messaging her. The charges say he told investigators he would engage in sexual activities with the young girl and said no one could find out. 

Nachatilo didn’t admit to sending the sexually explicit image to the girl but said it could’ve been sent by accident. He consented to a law enforcement search of his phone which led to the discovery of a photo that matched the description of the photo the victim reported getting from Nachatilo, the complaint says. 

Prosecutors charged Nachatilo with a felony count of engaging in electronic communication relating or describing sexual conduct with a child and a felony count of distributing via electronic communication material that relates/describes sexual conduct to a child. He’s due to make his first court appearance in February.

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