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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - An apparent jealous boyfriend is accused of assaulting a Rochester man with a baseball bat and during the attack, the victim threw him off a deck.

A 2nd-degree assault charge was filed this week against 20-year-old Cole Thielen of Stewartville.

The incident happened Feb. 19th and began as a confrontation between Thielen and a woman he had been seeing. She told police Thielen came to her home and “accused her of cheating on him“ with her ex-boyfriend. When Thielen took her phone and left, she locked the door but he returned and forced his way inside.

About the same time, the ex-boyfriend showed up and the woman went outside to talk to him. That’s when Thielen burst out of the home with a bat and began hitting the other man over the head.

The man was able to get the bat away from Thielen and said he then threw him “over a deck railing.” He also said he chased Thielen “and punched him multiple times.”

The officer who interviewed the victim "observed several large wounds on his head that were still bleeding. There was blood on his shirt and a large bruise on his ribcage."

Thielen has been ordered to make his first court appearance next month.

News update:  Downtown Rochester parking ramp abruptly closes.

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