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St Paul (KROC AM News) - A Rochester state lawmaker is reacting to news from the Walz Administration about planned changes in the state’s regulations dealing with vehicle emissions.


According to the office of Senator Carla Nelson:
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency today announced that they will move to adopt California-style clean car emissions standards.

Here’s Nelson’s response to the news:

“In principle, the effort to get more low-emission cars and electric vehicles on the road is something we should all strive for. I think we all care about the environment and want to leave it a better place for our children and grandchildren. But I have serious concerns about the path the governor is choosing. These rules should be fully vetted by the legislature, with public involvement and a full, comprehensive debate over the best course of action. Something this important should not be rushed through and adopted via bureaucratic rulemaking. That’s a bad precedent for our republic.

“In addition, I am concerned about the impact this will have on Minnesotans, particularly working Minnesotans who are already struggling economically. These rules will drive up prices and make Minnesota more uncompetitive. Debates and discussions like these are all the more reason why this needs to go through the regular legislative process.”

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