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Rochester, MN (KROC-am News) - A Rochester-based company that was co-founded by a Mayo Medical student has been given a big boost by the Veterans Administration.

A news release says Nanodropper has acquired a listing in the VA's GSAAdvantage purchasing catalog, which is described as the federal government's "central online shopping superstore." The addition of the Nanodropper to the huge catalog was made possible by the Rochester firm's federal distribution partner, Lovell Government Services. The announcement about the catalog listing notes that GSAAdvantage is integrated with VA hospitals throughout the United States, which will enable 1200 additional eye doctors to distribute the company's product to potentially 2 million more patients.

photo credit: Nanodropper
photo credit: Nanodropper

“Serving our retired service members has always been a goal of Nanodropper. We’re elated to be meeting this goal on an even larger scale as part of this impactful program,” said Mackenzie Andrews, Nanodropper Co-Founder, and CCO. “This partnership aligns closely with Nanodropper’s core mission–to eliminate the technological and financial barriers that all too often cause patients to prematurely run out of their vision-saving medication. We hope for this to reduce the anxiety patients encounter when recognizing their medication may not last until the next refill.”

The Nanodropper is an eyedrop adapter designed to deliver significantly smaller drops of my medications to greatly reduce waste and cost. The company and its product one the $50,000 top prize in the annual MN Cup entrepreneurial competition last year and took home another $25,000 award by winning the contest's Student Division. Nanodropper was cofounded by inventor and Mayo Medical School graduate Alissa Song and three of her college classmates, Elias Baker, Jennifer Steger, and Mckenzie Andrews.

The company previously won a $35,000 Launch Minnesota grant, a nearly $50,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant, as well as a half-million dollar contract with the U.S. Air Force.

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