Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Rochester police are looking for suspects in a reported assault, robbery, and car theft.

Officers were called to the north police station around 11:00 PM Wednesday by a teenager. The 17-year-old told officers he drove to the Gage school parking lot to meet a social media friend. When he arrived, the friend and a few other males dragged him out of his car and began beating him. They also took his phone, credit and ID card and one of them began driving off with his car.

The teen was able to jump into the car and began fighting with the driver. He also grabbed the steering wheel and the car crashed into a storage building in the 3900 block of 10th Ave NW. The man who stole the car fled and the victim drove to the nearby police station.

He was taken to St. Marys Hospital for treatment of facial and other injuries.

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