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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News)  - A witness has told Rochester police he couldn’t keep count of the times he saw a woman repeatedly hit her young son with a belt.

The incident happened last Friday afternoon inside a convenience store where the 8-year-old boy had apparently fled to get away from his mother.

Court documents show 32-year-old Bertwana Hill actually called 911 to report her son had run away and “that she was going to beat him.

Olmsted County ADC
Olmsted County ADC


Just as an officer arrived, a witness called 911 to report seeing “a woman hitting a boy with a belt on the 3600 block of East River Road NE.” The officer found the two at the convenience store. Hill told the officer she caught her son watching an inappropriate video on his cell phone and that he “smacked her” when she tried to take his phone.

An employee told the officer the boy “had come into the store asking to call the cops because his mom was trying to run him over. “ The employee said Hill “just started beating him, just over and over and over.”

The boy had welts on his right upper leg and back, as well as scratch marks on his chest, and had suffered hearing loss in the right ear from being hit with the belt. Paramedics also noted the boy “could barely open his mouth” due to an apparent earlier injury. 

He told paramedics "that he could not count how many times Defendant has hit him the past week, but that this is what she does." The boy was taken to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Hill was arraigned on a felony charge of malicious punishment of a child and a domestic assault count.

Bertwana Hill

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