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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester woman has been sentenced for her role in an armed robbery at a local apartment complex.

A judge Monday placed 22-year-old Payton Koob on probation for 5 years and ordered her to pay restitution totaling $2200.

Olmsted County ADC /2020 photo
Olmsted County ADC /2020 photo



The incident happened in 2019 when Koob told the victim she wanted to buy some marijuana. Police say it was a setup. When the victim showed up to meet Koob a man with a gun threatened him. The man then took the victim’s phone and $350 in cash.

The man with the gun was later identified as Divaunte Young. He was given a 4-year prison sentence. Koob told investigators Young had planned the robbery.

Koob's criminal history includes a robbery conviction stemming from a similar incident that occurred in Zumbrota in 2018. In that case, the intended victim was shot in the arm while fighting with one of the robbers. Koob was given a stayed prison sentence and placed on probation in that case.

News update:  Four bodies found in SUV with Minnesota plates in Wisconsin cornfield.

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