The mainstream and liberal media tended to ignore the ethical baggage, email exposures, national security careless, and foreign policy failures of Secretary of State Clinton. The excessive criticism of Israel, a democratic ally of the United States, and the overthrow of Middle East leaders like Mubarak (Egypt) and Kaddafi (Libya) who were allied with the United States destabilized the region and set dangerous precedents.

Some Democrats have blamed Russia, the FBI, the revealing and devastating Wiki-Leaks for Clinton’s loss, and not her personal shortcomings and campaign errors. The Electoral College process, designed by the Founding Fathers to give power to the voters of each state and county, instead of the tyranny of a few population centers is democracy in action based on the same principles as the creation of Congress and state legislatures on the dual premises of population (houses) and equality (senates). In the run-up to the election, media outlets featured polls to “prove” how Hillary would win the electoral vote.

Trump was insulted and underestimated by the elites and media who failed to discern his appeal to voters who had enough of Washington DC and the Democrat and Republican establishments.

Trump was criticized for suggesting he might question election results if he lost. Democrat dissidents are now doing that in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the coming Trump presidency, and dismiss the pre-inauguration successes the election has already exhibited. Trump is accused of “bullying corporations,” a tactic “Progressives” have long pursued.

Hopefully, political wounds will heal, cooperation “across the aisle” will ensue, the United States will prosper, be great again, and prevail against the real threats to America at home and overseas with strong alliances and good trade deals.