The Rochester area is finally getting some spring weather with just a week left in the month of April, which has been the coldest on record.

As of Saturday - a month since spring began-, the daily average temperature has been below normal every day.

The lingering wintry weather has been hard on many birds and other critters that rely on insects for food. I have had several robins come to my bird feeder in recent weeks, something I have never witnessed before.

We are hearing anecdotal reports of dead robins around the area, which may have been older or sick birds. But they should be okay this week as warmer weather is expected - not real warm, but certainly welcome after the cold weather we have been putting up with.

 Here is a video of birds at my feeder during the most recent snowstorm. A busy place, indeed! A few minutes into the video, you will see something I have never witnessed - birds using their little feet to dig in the snow for seeds!  

The feeder is about 15 feet from our kitchen window and it was an entertaining sight this winter. We have watched as the finches and other birds transitioned from their winter feathers to their spring look. The seed feeder will soon be gone and replaced by hummingbird feeders. Hopefully, sooner than later!

Hope you enjoy it.