I was raised in a family where giving to those in need doesn't just happen during the holidays, it happens year-round. A recent survey done by WalletHub found that Minnesota is the most charitable state in the countryKARE 11 put out a story to highlight these findings.

The site says that 19 factors were used to determine how charitable a state was. They then averaged their findings to create the rankings. Some of the factors that were considered were the amount of donated income, charities per capita and volunteer rates.

Minnesota's total score was 71.25. Utah comes in a close second with a score of 71.24.  Here's how the land of ten thousand lakes ranked in a few of the categories.

  • 1st - Volunteer rate
  • 2nd - Percentage of the population that donates time
  • 7th - Percentage of the population that donates money
  • 11th- Charities per capita
  • 18th - Volunteer hours per capita
  • 22nd - Percentage of the population that collects or donates food
  • 26th - Percentage of donated income

According to the site the dairy state next to us... also know as Wisconsin, come in 17th overall with an average score of 61.05. The site also says that the United States is the most charitable country out there. In 2018 we gave around $427 billion. That's a lot of money. KARE took this a step further and calculate the amount of volunteer time the United State did. The combined time was around 7.9 billion hours of service. That's a lot of folks giving a lot of time. This just makes my heart happy!

I never believed that "Minnesota Nice" was a thing until I moved here. Now that I'm living through it, I'm grateful to have it.

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