The privileged, intellectual elites in the media, academia, politics, and government are part of the anti-Trump “Swamp.” They are fervent in their mission to take down President Trump, nullify the 2016 election, contaminate the 2020 vote, and silence Trump’s supporters.

Victor Davis Hanson, the California military and classical historian, author, farmer, and columnist is a Trump supporter. Hanson deplores the biased elites who think they are superior to Trump and his supporters.

Professor Hanson has been interviewed and commented on by conservative luminaries like Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, and Mark Levin. I will share some of those perspectives, and my own recollections of Hanson’s interviews and articles.

Hanson is a calm, articulate analyst who critiques what he sees as the destructive politics and policies of the so-called “Progressive” Left.

Hanson says these elites acquire their positions, influence, and ideas from privileged, unearned connections, but lack the knowledge and abilities of the successful president they despise. Trump does not consult with them; they have failed to stop him and despise him for that.

Professor Hanson contends Trump’s critics live in biased bubbles and resort to lies and subterfuge that damage the nation. They lack the wisdom and pragmatism of the common people they despise. Hanson says the bureaucratic elites think they are more entitled and wiser than the masses, but Hanson says they don’t outsmart the man “they believe is the biggest jewel of ignorance they’ve ever seen.” They think their credentials, sophistication, and titles should prevail. Trump proved them ignorant and wrong.

Victor Hanson listed several of the high-ranking elites of the FBI and intelligence communities that spied on and tried to prevent and then cancel out the election of Donald Trump. Names like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Baker, Page and Strzok who have thus far gone unpunished. Not to forget Hillary Clinton and the unmaskers at the Obama White House and State Department. And House Intelligence Committee chair, Congressman Schiff, of whom Hanson says, “It is hard to find any statement of his that has proven to be true.” Several of the above-named Washington elites are alleged to have lied to Congressional committees, but suffered no consequences, and are, Hanson says, “out of touch with the American people.”

These elites and the extremist policy proposals of the Democrat presidential field could well result in Donald Trump being underestimated again and contribute to his 2020 electoral victory.

Given Professor Hanson’s assessment of the Washington elites, Trump’s supporters would work for victory against those forces that to some are indeed the proverbial “existential threat” to America. And for those pro-Trump voters, Trump not only must be re-elected to “Make America Great Again,” but indeed “Save America.”