The hatred of President Trump by the left-wing media is so virulent that several of the outlets (like CNN and NPR) have periodically refused to telecast the Trump Team’s Carona Virus news conferences.

Some analysts conclude the news backout is to hide the success of President Trump’s policies. A March Gallup poll indicated 60% of the respondents supported Trump’s policies in this national emergency, so the anti-Trump media and pundits don’t want this widely known before the 2020 elections.

Vice President Michael Pence and the team physicians, Drs. Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Health administrator, Dr. Deborah Birx, White House virus defense coordinator and former U.S. Army colonel in the medical corps, and Admiral Jerome Adams, U.S. Surgeon General, head of the U.S. Public Health Service, have done an exemplary job of informing the public about the nature and response to the virus.

Pence has assumed significant responsibilities contacting helpful governors and vendors outside of Washington D.C. and exhibited reassuring leadership traits. Pence and the President have skillfully “partnered with the private sector,” as one analyst put it, to enhance industrial production and supply lines.

The Trump team physicians are serious, positive and calming, and have expressed disagreement and agreement with Trump’s statements. Therefore, the medics have antagonized the anti-Trump media, some of whom are now trying to discredit the scientists.

Never mind that Dr. Adams and Dr. Deborah Birx meet the liberal identify politics qualifiers of being respectively African-American and female.

The hostility toward Dr. Deborah Birx likely will increase when the liberal press corps discovers Birx is an Evangelical Protestant. Admiral Adams is probably despised by some in the media because the doctor was appointed by Donald J. Trump and is probably quite conservative in his politics. Conservative Blacks are despised by the Left.

Dr. Birx has criticized media for sensationalism and reliance on “faulty (statistical) models.”

CNN analyst Joe Lockhart, according to Breitbart News, misspelled her name, and called Dr. Birx a “StepFord Doc.,” a sexist insult, and “Kool Aid” drinker after she criticized media “alarmist theories.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Health administrator, was attacked by the press for criticizing a reporter’s attempted "gottcha" questions; and other reporters for trying to divide Fauci from the President, given their different political/business management and scientific perspectives. Fauci said Trump listens intensely and asks numerous, good questions.

In the ongoing contest between the anti-Trump media and the administration, recent polls have shown the President and his team enjoy higher public approval ratings than the media.

The media has often failed to chronicle what Trump has been correct about, and the economic and health policies that have been beneficial. Given his aggressive verbal style, some of the criticisms are valid but would be better accepted if their assessments were less nasty and partisan.

Trump is criticized for correctly identifying the Coranvirus origins in China. Viruses, epidemics and pandemics and illnesses have been historically identified by the place of geographic origin.

He is given little or no credit for blocking the migration of travelers from China, something virus besieged Italy failed to do because, one Italian official admitted, over fears, they would be called racist.

Epidemiologists have subsequently praised Trump’s prescient border ban. Some observers have attributed the open borders mania of California and New York to their high numbers of Carona Virus victims.

Trump and his team have galvanized and put federal government agencies like FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency under the DHS), corporate America, the capitalistic infrastructure, state governors, and military and naval assets into the anti-virus war.

It increasingly appears that Trump’s touting of hydroxychloroquine as an effective virus-fighting medication was accurate if under strict medical guidance. To block that illustration of Trump's success, the Democrat governors of Michigan and Nevada have tried to ban its use. How governors have the power to practice medicine without a license is indeed problematic and, in my view, requires a court case.

The Republic is ill-served by an agenda-driven media. The public and the journalism profession deserve better.

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