Some of what you see on TV is true. There's Bible study, library time, and education. But the number one most popular thing to do while detained is...using the gym. Here's the top five most popular/most used programs according to the Olmsted lmsted County Sheriff's Office Newsletter...

1 - Gym 5925
2 - Library 2354
3 - School 925
4 - Next Chapter Bible Studies 591
5 - Decision Point 356

From the bottom up, Decision Point seems to be a counseling situation. I could't find much about the organization. Next Chapter Bible Studies is clear, and to be honest, if you were to add all the Christian, Muslim and other religious programs into one number, it'd be much larger than 591.

School is used by the newest to the longest held detainees, as is the library. The gym towers over all of them and some people wonder why? Why help them get buff to go out and become a repeat offender? Programs Sergeant Durand AckmanI gets this question a lot. Here's what he says.

We offer programming to the detainees for many reasons. First and foremost, we hope to inspire the detainees to better themselves while in custody. We hope when they leave our custody, they enter the community with more knowledge to hopefully not return to the detention center. A couple other benefits of programming is to connect the detainees with local resources, to teach new skills, and to allow for productive use of time in custody.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Simple. working out reduces stress, helps keep you healthy, and can be hugely beneficial to people dealing with a mental health issue. Just like everything else on the list below, it helps grow the mind and soul.

Current programs alphabetically.

  1. 7th Day Adventists Bible Study 224
  2. 7th Day Adventists Health & Wellness 37
  3. ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) 4
  4. Advanced Computer Skills 19
  5. Alcoholics Anonymous 145
  6. Anger Management 43
  7. Baptist Services 67
  8. Basic Computer skills 16
  9. Career Pathways 41
  10. Catholic Prayer 149
  11. Celebrate Recovery 106
  12. Chaplin Visits 36
  13. Christian Videos 155
  14. Decision Points 356
  15. Employment Skills 8
  16. Fatherhood Project 47
  17. Gym 5925
  18. How to Succeed on Probation 22
  1. Intermediate Computer 12
  2. Library 2354
  3. MN Teen Challenge 88
  4. Muslim Discussion Group 40
  5. Narcotics Anonymous 102
  6. Next Chapter Bible Studies 591
  7. Peace Education Program 76
  8. Pet Therapy 123
  9. Piano lessons 54
  10. Questions about Life & Faith 175
  11. Rebuild Fatherhood 69
  12. School 925
  13. Set Free 107
  14. Soul Recovery 16
  15. Women’s Domestic Violence Group 94
  16. Women’s Group 29
  17. Women’s Peer Support 20
  18. Women’s Wellness 70
  19. Yoga 223
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