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an editorial by Tom Ostrom

Contrary to former State Secretary Clinton’s query, “What difference does it make?” the questions about the 2011 Islamic extremists attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya must be answered to prevent future attacks. The administration’s catastrophic “Arab Spring” policies paved the way for Libyan destabilization and terrorist presence.

The Administration’s politicized cover-up, missing documents, redactions, and disingenuous politicized talking points must be explored so “the most transparent,” and “buck stops here” administration can be illuminated.

Why haven’t the Islamic extremist perpetrators been apprehended? What is the testimony of Consulate staffers who were spirited away into anonymity after the event? What was the purpose and mission of the Consulate? Why were requests for security upgrades and pleas for help during the attack ignored?

What was President Obama doing and advising during and after the attack? Hopefully the Select Committee will obtain the testimony of former and present CIA NSA, and military leaders, and secretaries of state and defense.

The new House Select Committee on Benghazi headed by Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a successful former prosecutor, and his staff of experienced solons and lawyers, have the subpoena powers and interrogative skills to get to the truth.

As liberal commentator Kristen Powers wondered, why hasn’t the president and his administration told the truth about Benghazi? Had they done so, the investigating committees would not be necessary.