“The World is Upside Down.” Traditional patriotism and cultural pride are demeaned, American exceptionalism is denied.

“Progressive” Leftists expunge the past so American “progress” can be ignored and rewritten. One observer wrote, “How dare the radicals try to take away the history that belongs to all of us.” The Left censors ideas, language, and speech to control thought. Ignorant anarchists don’t know much about American history.

George Washington, our nation’s Founder, is despised, his statue vandalized. Two Republican U.S. Senators (Ron Johnson, Wisconsin; James Lankford, Oklahoma) capitulated to the mob and proposed abolishing Columbus Day.

Speaker Pelosi removed Confederate portraits from the halls of Congress, perhaps forgetting that her father as Baltimore’s mayor, presided over the dedication of Confederate monuments, as did Franklin Roosevelt. Rioters targeted the statues of anti-slavery abolitionists General Grant and President Lincoln.

The Democrat Party should be expunged. Democrats started the Civil War, founded the Ku Klux Klan, and endorsed racial segregation into the 1960s and 1970s

Most astonishing is the abject silence of American historians on the movement to expunge and rewrite U.S. history by Leftist radicals. No history, no history classes, no jobs for historians. Academic silence means acquiescence. Do professors fear teaching about America’s past will cost them their jobs? Let the mob control their lectures and writing.

We are in an era when the majority of good police officers who protect and serve us are stereotyped as bad. Virginia lawmakers are considering making physical attacks on police officers misdemeanors, not felonies. City officials advocate the defunding of police and replacing them with unarmed social workers as mob violence and inner-city shootings and killings prevail. Thousands of police officers across the nation are taking early retirement, quitting their professions, and leaving Blue State carnage, many to take jobs in Red States where they are appreciated.

People are being demonized and threatened because they inclusively and correctly say, “All lives matter.” Blue Lives, Black Lives, All Lives matter despite assertions of anti-police militants. Both White and Ethnic supremacy should be opposed.

The St. Louis prosecutor advocated charging an armed couple for “intimidating protesters” who broke down their property fence and threatened to kill them and their dog.

Fox News analyst Tucker Carlson said of the contemporary chaos, “The Republican Party, flawed, infuriating, and passive, is our only shield because it exists to serve the interests of normal people and middle-class families.” The GOP must forcefully react and support Trump if it wishes to retake the House and hold the Senate and White House.

Elements of the media, corporations, academia, government officials, and meek Republicans are bending to the mob, hoping the alligator eats them last.

President Trump excelled in his patriotic, optimistic July 3 South Dakota Mt. Rushmore speech: “The violent Left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution.” Trump asserted America’s schools teach children “to hate their own country.” Trump’s patriotic “culture wars” speech was magnificent, which is why the Left-wing media denounced it.

Beside endlessly parroting alleged “systemic racism,” academics, political leaders, and journalists could better serve society by studying “systemic causes” of cultural violence and poverty within affected population cohorts and educate society and public officials about remediation strategies.

The present cultural civil war requires that the Leftist Deep State, media, and academia be confronted, challenged, and suppressed, and the truth be courageously told in this time when “The World is Upside Down.”

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