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At the posting of this column, we are transitioning from the 2020 election into a 2021 presidential administration. Allegations of election and ballot fraud have persisted, the fallout from which is not fully understood or resolved.

Democracy is threatened by election fraud. Trump team lawyers and witnesses who signed affidavits claim Dominion computers, Democrat election workers, and state officials superintended illegalities. Vote switching and bogus counting allegedly occurred, and votes were taken from Republican President Trump and transferred to Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. Court judges and justices declined to hear evidence and sworn testimony, seemingly reluctant to rule in the midst of elections.

Critics of the Trump legal team claim they have not presented enough “evidence” to prove “widespread” voter fraud to overturn the election. But any fraud should be enough fraud to require recounts and electoral reform. If remedies cannot be applied at election time, then when?

Some observers speculate there were pay-offs to political operatives. Others contend jurists feared riots if vote counts were changed by court decisions. Frustrated Republicans have threatened to take the contest to the floor of Congress to challenge Elector slates in January.

Supreme Court justices Alito and Thomas concluded the Texas judicial appeal had the legal standing to be heard by the Supreme Court. They were outvoted. Dissenting justices declared one state cannot change another state's laws.

Justice Alito contended the U.S. Constitution gives only state legislatures the authority to craft and change election laws, not state officials who changed election procedures just before the election, hence the cause of the casting of illegal ballots.

Judicial critics contend that jurists ruled against the Trump legal team on “procedure” only and have not heard or ruled on the alleged evidence. Other observers insist Trump lawyers did not prove their case.

The January U.S. Senate election in Georgia would determine if the Republican Party keeps the Senate, as Democrats maintain a close margin in the House.

J.B. Shurk wrote, “Half of all likely voters believe the election was stolen from Trump, including a stunning one-third of Democrats” polled. Donald Trump will likely maintain a dominant media presence and remain the head of the Republican Party.

Another significant event was the resignation of President Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr after the president criticized him for dismissing the extent of election fraud, and not releasing material on the Biden family’s alleged China-Ukraine financial scandals before the election.

The Department of Justice and FBI had Hunter Biden’s relevant computer emails almost one year before the election. The media and Democrats criticized Barr for being “Trump’s lawyer." No outrage when President Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, admitted to being “Obama’s wingman.”

Barr ended his term of office with the absurd claim that in its investigation of candidate and President Donald J. Trump, CIA director John Brennan “stayed within his lane.” Barr did say, however, that the investigation of alleged election fraud was ongoing.

The anti-Trump mainstream media largely ignored Fox News commentator Marie Bartiromo’s report that an intelligence source told her President Trump did win the election and thought the Supreme Court should take the case of election fraud. CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge reported National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe said China, Iran, and Russia interfered in the November election.

In my opinion, the refusal of the Supreme Court to rule on the election issues was dereliction of duty. The claim that the Court wished to avoid intrusion into politics is disingenuous because the judiciary has regularly checked presidential powers, and that is political because the president is the head of a political party.

The outgoing president, in my view, was thwarted by the courts, national and international bureaucrats, DOJ/FBI, weak Republicans, Democrat extremists, media bias, and power and money seeking globalists.

President Trump fought a brave, successful fight for the American people, and accomplished much against extraordinary resistance. He will be missed.

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