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Since Folwell Elementary School is in the news, let's take another look at four Rochester, Minnesota, schools and the person behind the names on the buildings in the Rochester Public School system.

How Four Rochester Schools Got Their Names

This is really the story of the people the schools are named after. Who were they? What did they do in their life to deserve the honor, that sort of thing. We see and hear the names in our daily travels, in the news, or on social media, but today, let's find out who these men were...

Why is Folwell in the news?

Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A proposed housing project in Rochester’s Folwell School neighborhood took another step forward Monday. The City Council gave its final approval to a zone change needed for the project, known as Legacy on Fourteenth.

It was strongly opposed by numerous neighbors.

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Just How Far IS 28,000 Steps from Downtown Rochester?

When Thursdays Downtown started up again, we learned any given Rochester Downtown Alliance employee is walking more than 28,000 steps at the event. So, I did the math, and the map searches, and boom. Fodder for Trivia Nights!

How Far Is 28,000 Steps From Downtown Rochester?

Every Thursday, each member of the Rochester Downtown Alliance staff walks just over 28,000 steps. From the office to the event, up and down First Avenue, and chatting with you and all the vendors. That's a lot of fact, for every two employees walking that distance, they're walking a marathon!

That got me wondering...just how far IS 28,000 steps. These are the answers (with the calculator set for a 5' 9'' woman).

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