Anti-Trumpers in the Democrat House impeachment hearings and in the Deep State realms of the FBI, intelligence agencies, and State Department, seem to believe that President Trump is not to supposed to make or change domestic and foreign policy. Only the opposition party and non-elected federal bureaucrats can do that.

The coup leaders and impeachers cannot come to terms with the 2016 election or the deplorables who put Trump in office. Speaker Pelosi said she doesn’t trust the voters to decide Trump’s fate in 2020, so the House of Representatives should. It appears that Democrats and the list of presidential candidate extremists fear they will not be able to defeat Trump in 2020, so they need to take him out before that. They need to sow the seeds of uncertainty in the electorate and hope, if impeachment and removal from office fails, voters will do their seditious work.

Department of Justice Inspector General Horowitz, Attorney General Barr, and U.S. Attorney Durham are looking into the role federal officials appear to have played in their own coup attempts against candidate and then President Trump. Indictments and convictions could blow the alleged coup wide open and hold key members of the Swamp accountable. Leftist factions are already trying to discredit the investigators.

President Trump was assailed in the impeachment hearings for firing U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yavonovich, and hurting her feelings. But she is alleged to have been an active critic of the President, disagreed with his policies and was criticized by Ukraine officials for her attempts to influence their policies. Presidents make foreign policy, not unelected federal bureaucrats. There were no complaints when President Obama preemptively fired all of President George Bush’s ambassadors.

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley claimed in her recent book, With All Due Respect, former Trump secretary of state Rex Tillerson, and former White House Chief of Staff sought to subvert President Trump’s agenda to “save the country,” and asked her to join their efforts. Haley refused.

The radical Democrats, federal bureaucrats, academia, and the media are dividing the nation and preventing bipartisan policymaking and problem-solving. The “Resistance,” said Attorney General William Barr in a recent speech, includes “activist judges,” threatens “the rule of law…and is “shredding Constitutional norms.”

Hopefully, the 2020 election will return President Trump to office, and the draining of the Swamp will be accomplished. It appears that courageous and key Republican leaders are finally fighting back.

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