The impeachment trial in the Senate collapsed when Democrat House impeachment managers, politicians armed with hate, opinions, hearsay, mind-reading, and hypocrisy, had to debate the Senate team of seasoned White House lawyers armed with facts, precedent, law, and evidence.

On Friday, January 31 the Republican-controlled Senate rejected the demand of Democrats to call more witnesses and extend the proceedings, witnesses the House could have called but didn’t because of what they said was the need for urgency.

The Democrats wanted the Senate to do the work the House failed to do: find evidence (which the Democrats said they had enough of) and more witnesses. In the House proceedings, the Democrats denied President Trump “due process,” kept certain documents secret, and did now allow Republicans to question their own plethora of witnesses. And they withheld exculpatory witness statements from pubic release.

The bitterly partisan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of Trump, “Once impeached, impeached forever.” Yes…and now, once acquitted, President Trump is “acquitted forever.” And now nasty Nancy, given Trump’s acquittal, has declared that the defense team of lawyers who successfully defended the President, “should all be disbarred.” The “Gentle Lady from California exhibits the true traits of a totalitarian.

The anti-Trump bureaucratic, political, and media Swamp/Deep State in Washington DC hated Trump because he refused their advice and wisdom and could not be controlled by them. They (media, Democrats, the intelligence, FBI, and state department communities) have been trying to find a reason to impeach and remove Trump from office before he took the Oath of Office) have failed to take him down. In spite of their attempts, he has achieved extraordinary success in his overseas and domestic policies, as the Democrats have tried to obliterate the 2016 election and prevent Trump’s success in 2020. Speaking of election interference and sowing mistrust in the electoral process.

What about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee’s bought and paid for false Steele (a British spy and anti-Trump activist) Dossier that the FBI relied on to spy on the Trump campaign? “Oh,” proclaimed one of the House Impeachment managers when so confronted: that was not election interference because “it was paid for opposition research.” Huh? Then, as one responded queried, “Should Trump have sent a check to the Ukraine?”

The Democrat impeachment managers let it be known they do not trust the voters (“Deplorables”) with the 2020 election, so they needed to remove Trump from office before then.

History will not be kind to these non-Russian colluders in the American electoral system, these perpetrators, in my opinion, of sedition, if not treason, who tried to undo an election and remove a duly elected president from office. In my view, these real personifications of Benedict Arnold.

Real and complete justice may well require some of these conspirators and distorters of truth, to take perp walks.

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