The mid-October FBI Report claimed brutal and lethal attacks on police in 2016 resulted in 118 law enforcement deaths and more than 57,000 assaults. Anti-police rhetoric is believed by many observers as a cause of this carnage. The FBI warned its own agents to be alert as well.

Sheriff Julian Whittington of Bossier Parish in Louisiana has attributed some of the hostility toward police to the NFL kneeling protests about the National Anthem, the American Flag and exaggerated allegations without statistical support about police brutality. Sheriff Whittington is asking national police agencies to do as he has done: cease buying police vehicles from automobile agencies that support the NFL protest with TV ads during the football games.

The contentious issues of the day across the nation and in Washington DC continue to fracture society. The cultural clash between the pro and anti-Trump factions is reflected in ongoing congressional hearings and investigations that seem to exacerbate the tensions and resolve nothing.

Chief investigator Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, is continuing his “Russian Collusion” investigation and targeting of the Trump team. Democrats on the congressional investigating committees seek evidence of Trumpian corruption but have found little or no evidence of it.

Mueller’s critics say he and the Democrats should look into the FBI and the Democrat Party. Republican committee leaders in the Senate and House claim the FBI is refusing to release exculpatory documents and files which exonerate Trump from the complex “Dossier” investigation that involves Democrat money, the Hillary Clinton campaign, connections to the Ukrainian Embassy, and a former British spy. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says an FBI agent who is on top of the scandals couldn’t give evidence because of an Obama Administration Dept. of Justice “gag order” on the agent issued by then Atty. Gen. Holder and upheld by his successor, Loretta Lynch.

President Trump ordered the Justice Dept. under Atty. Gen. Sessions to remove the gag order. That was subsequently done on 25 October.

If that is not enough intrigue and conspiracy, there is the Uranium Deal scandal involving Russian collusion in the Obama administration between the State Department, then-Secretary Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and pals, and the Clinton Foundation getting payoffs from the Putin Regime in the purchase of U.S. uranium. Talk about Russia, Russia, Russia.

The “mainstream media” doesn’t appear as interested in alleged Democrat Russian collusion as it is in alleged Trumpian machinations.
Senator Grassley is pursuing these issues. Democrat committee members and even staffers went out of their way to interfere with the GPS Fusion company witnesses when they pled the Fifth Amendment in recent testimony. The Democrats inadvertently sealed their fate when they demanded these investigations of the Trump Team. The investigations are also looking into Deep State federal agency felonious leaks.

More revelations are likely to come. When will it all end? Not soon. Get the popcorn ready and enjoy the movie.

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