Similar Political Issues Covered and Not Covered by the Media at Home and Abroad

France mirrored U.S. politics: Marine Le Pen, nationalist and border security candidate, vs. globalist Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen ballots were tampered with, journalists hate her, Macron’s emails were hacked, and journalists were ordered not to cover it.

FBI Director James Comey testified in selective specifics and circumlocutions. He argued Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin email “carelessness” did not constitute crimes because no “knowledge” or “intent” about rules was proven. Criminal defense attorneys took notes on the legally specious assertions. The same might be said of former President Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice, whose record of honesty is blemished, and unmasking of civilians along with intelligence agency leaks may constitute illegal behavior. Future Congressional hearings might prove revealing, especially with newer revelations of intelligence disseminations by agency “moles.”

Meanwhile President Trump has had successes the main stream media downplays: deregulation, productive talks with domestic and global business and union leaders, economic growth, protection from federal intrusion on religious freedom, and progress on the repeal and replacement of “Obamacare.” Tax reform and “The Wall” are next.

Violent leftists threatening conservative speakers on college campuses have been catered to. Congressional Democrats claim that Trumpsters are the cause of violence and “hate crimes,” not rioters or Islamic extremists. Minnesota senators Franken and Klobuchar have sung that song.

University of California chancellor Janet Napolitano, former Obama DHS head who had been tasked with protecting Americans, can’t keep speakers and conservative students safe at Berkeley, as she explains financial irregularities on campus.