Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A senior member of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office became involved in a disturbance Monday outside a courtroom where a murder suspect was scheduled to appear.

About two dozen family members of Trevor Boysen were there for the hearing of 18-year-old Robert Salley. He is accused of shooting Boysen last Friday.

The family members were wearing stickers displaying Boysen’s name, which is a violation of courtroom rules. They were asked to remove the stickers or leave the courtroom.

Boysen’s 20-year-old sister became upset and began yelling obscenities in the common area outside the courtroom and other family members joined her. Several deputies were sent to the area to restore order. Capt. Scott Behrns also responded. He says Boysen’s sister “was out of control” and when she refused to calm down, she was arrested. But the Olmsted County Attorney’s office Tuesday decided not to file any charges “as an exercise in discretion.”

Salley’s hearing was held without any disruptions. He is accused of shooting Boysen outside The Quarters apartments.

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