Once again the United Way of Olmsted County and AARP have joined forces to offer free tax help for area residents who need help.

There are four locations including 125 Live, Hawthorne Education Center, Salvation Army and the Stewartville Civic Center.  If you do need help, you need to call and reserve a spot, but they fill up fast.

Bill Wiktor is one of the tax preparers and a bi-wekly guest on Rochester's Good Morning with Rich Peterson.  He said the demand grows each year and despite the 64 counselors volunteering their time, it's getting tougher to get everyone in.  But, Bill has a suggestion..

For more information on the free tax help, go to the United Way website.  To set up a time at one of the four locations, call:

Hawthorne Education Center: (507) 287-1958
Stewartville Civic Center: (507) 287-1958
Rochester Senior Center: (507) 424-6407
The Salvation Army: (507) 424-4197

Also, if you would like to do it yourself but aren't sure, or confident in your computer skills there's another option at the Rochester Public Library.  You'll find the details on the website.

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