The classic 1950s tune, “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter,” sung by Johnny Ray, applies to Susan Rice, President Obama’s truth-averse national security advisor (recall her Benghazi fabrications). Rice allegedly wrote an e-mail to herself for the record on the eve of President Trump’s White House arrival.

According to reporters Alex Pappas and Richard Pollock, Rice described a White House meeting with political notables and then FBI director James Comey, and revealed Obama’s alleged advice: “If we engage with the incoming (Trump) team, we must ascertain if there is any reason to not fully share information as it relates to Russia.”

Pollock quoted Senate investigating committee members Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) in their February letter to Rice, saying they were “struck by the timing of this email,” and Ambassador Rice’s claim that President Obama allegedly told Comey to “’proceed by the book,’ while questions have arisen about whether FBI, Justice Department, and State Department officials did proceed by the book.”

Reporter Rowan Scarborough wrote that John Kerry’s post-Clinton State Department pass on unverified “Dossier” information to the FBI.

President Obama publically stated that he was not involved in IRS machinations or FBI investigations, but declared Hillary was innocent of email transgressions; claimed “not a smidgen of corruption” or partisanship existed at the IRS, and didn’t confront Russian collusion in previous elections.

Reporter Thomas Lifson claimed text messages between anti-Trump FBI plotter pals Peter Strzok and Lisa Page stated President Obama “wants to know everything we are doing.” Columnist Ben Shapiro said Strzok and Page texted that the FBI should probably go easy on Clinton because “she might be our next President.”

Lifson reported the quiet departures of several high-ranking FBI officials “under duress,” and claimed several of these retirees are “likely facing legal consequences for fraudulent applications for FISA warrants to investigate the Trump team, and obstruction of justice in the Hillary probe.”

Several lawmakers and public opinion polls indicated support for a special prosecutor to investigate FBI and Department of Justice political intrigues and revisit Hillary Clinton’s email and Foundation activities.

Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein had previously announced that Russian operatives interfered in the U.S. election to cause a lack of confidence in the political process, and undermine political candidates and President-elect Trump’s credibility. No Trump collusion. Any apologies coming from the media and Democrats? Pro and anti-Trump demonstrations were staged. Russian collusion did not determine the election outcome.

Ian Schwartz (Real Clear Politics) quoted retired FBI Special Agent Chris Swecker in a Fox News interview saying Clinton’s email investigation outcome was “predetermined,” and former FBI director James Comey’s “hubris” and arrogance allowed political opinions to influence the investigation. Swecker believes Comey and an elite “inner circle” disgraced the FBI with politicization and leaks, but that should not impugn the integrity of “the 35,000 men and women of the FBI who do a great job.”

Atty. Gen. Sessions seems to have emerged from his misguided “recusal” mode. In an interview with Joel Pollak, Sessions said, “We are ending executive branch legal activism” and “fighting the activism of liberal judges” who block immigration reform and “go beyond the law. Their decisions will be overturned.”

Sessions has more recently waged war against dangerous illegal immigrant criminals and made clear his attempt to pressure and punish officials who follow sanctuary policies in states and counties. More recently, several California cities and counties have declared their own resistance to sanctuary city and state laws that prohibit cooperation with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers).

Now it remains to be seen how Sessions manages the rogue elements of the FBI hierarchy who have been revealed to have hated President Trump and plotted to keep him from office or subsequently discredit and perhaps impeach him. Former and fired FBI director Comey’s book and TV interviews seem to me to make his assertions and actions suspect if not illegal.

It also remains to be seen whether former leaders of the Obama administration intelligence community (meaning Clapper and Brennan) whose hatred and disrespect for President Trump have been clearly revealed, and who some observers claim they lied to Congress, will be held accountable, as former Asst. FBI director McCabe has been.

It does seem there was a Deep State Swamp, and Trump is draining it while the alligators fight back.