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A new old kind of business is coming to Rochester in December. A bottle shop. Jack's Bottle Shop, to be specific, a place to buy bottles of beer.

I took some time to read up on bottle shops. Here's what I found. First, the name Bottle Shop goes way back...and has come in and out of use. (from Collins)


But without something to compare it to, what's that really mean? Well, here's Grocery Store in comparison. (also from Collins)


So like I said above, a new old kind of business.

If that doesn't help you much with the name, the NC Beer Guys might help a little (from their website, totally unrelated to Jack's). 

Bottle shops are like adult candy stores. Think about all the different types of craft beers out there, ones from all over the world, and they line the shelves of the store. Restraint is a key factor for the first time visitor. You can go broke really quick when you fill up your cart with all the bottles that entice you. Is that any different than when you were younger and the aisles were filled with fresh and wrapped candies?  (Keep reading here.)

According to the press release the owner, Jack Lester (yep, he's the Jack) sent out, they're going to feature big names in craft beer and do the thing craft beer fans love a LOT. The history and stories of the beer.

Jack Lester, Jack's Bottle Shop Owner
Jack Lester, Jack's Bottle Shop Owner

Do you know craft beer? Then you'll know the names BlackStack Brewing, Fair State Cooperative, Modist, and Barrel Theory. They'll be part of the operation. More are promised.

An exact opening date has not been announced.

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