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North Korea & Charlottesville Illustrate Violence and Ideological Extremism

President Trump immediately condemned the inexcusable, premeditated violence perpetrated by the Left-wing (socialists, Marxists, communists) Antifa (Antifascists), and Right-wing white supremacists and nationalists that occurred on the weekend of August 12-13 of 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. But the Radical Leftists got a pass from the media, Democrats, and some Republicans. Trump blamed both sides for their hate and extremism, but was criticized for not immediately and specifically singling out the pro-Nazis white supremacists, and for blaming Left-wing rioters.

Before the Charlottesville riot, Trump was criticized for daring to use harsh words (“They will be met with fire and fury”) to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un for threatening to launch missiles in the Pacific waters around the U.S. territory of Guam. Liberals and Democrats were angrier at Trump than Kim Jong Un. Trump hater Representative Maxine Waters advocated ending the crisis by giving North Korea “the things they are asking for.”

President Bill Clinton threatened the North Korean regime with its demise in 1993 when he warned if they used a nuclear weapon, “We would retaliate and it would mean the end of their country as they know it,” but a Clinton defender responded, "Well, that was then. This is now.” Trump’s rhetoric did give Kim second thoughts about testing his missiles and backed off.

Former socialist/Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Trump shares responsibility for the Charlottesville violence. But the media and Democrats were quick to shield Sanders from blame when one of his supporters attempted to assassinate Republican lawmakers at a baseball game.

Antifa was known for its violent demonstrations on 15 April 2017 in Berkeley, California before coming to Charlottesville to confront white extremists who had a permit to assemble to protest municipal attempts to censor Southern history by tearing down Confederate monuments.

New York Times reporter Eric Lipton attributed political posturing on Charlottesville to him when Senator Ted Cruz condemned the Virginia violence. Senator Cruz reminded reporter that Walter Duranty, the Time’s Moscow bureau chief in the Stalinist era, denied allegations of Soviet atrocities, genocide, and deliberate famine

The Charlottesville rioters should be apprehended and prosecuted for terrorism, and the political ideologies used to justify their violence must be roundly condemned.

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