Former President Barack Hussein Obama is back on the campaign trail trying to save his legacy, demonize and get President Trump defeated in 2020, and facilitate the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2018. Should that happen, the investigations into Democrat National Committee, Clintonian corruption, and the Department of Justice and FBI collusion would end.

The New York Times confirmed the existence of the anti-Trump “Swamp” in a story alleging that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein offered to “wear a wire” and get Trump Cabinet members to endorse removing Donald J. Trump from office via the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein denies the plot alleged by disgraced former FBI agent Andrew McCabe. Some observers say what was allegedly said in a meeting of FBI officials was sarcasm. Others believe the suggestion was serious. More information perhaps litigation is sure to come.

Nonetheless, many anti-Trump Swamp dwellers were Obama officials and present-day moles in the Trump administration. The Obama era Saul Alinsky Democrat demonization playbook is on full display in the hit-job smear campaign against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, reminiscent of the Judge Bork smear done by alleged pro-woman moral exemplar Sen. Ted Kennedy, and the failed demonization of now Justice Clarence Thomas.

Obama’s arrogance, narcissism, and selective memory are on full display. He is ignoring the political tradition of former presidents not criticizing their successors. Obama claimed credit for the Trump economic recovery, never mind Trump’s tax-cutting and deregulation.

Obama said Trump threatens the media, but he (Obama) did not. Carlos Garcia ( disputed Obama, citing Obama’s attacks on Fox News reporters, and quoting Maggie Haberman (New York Times) who wrote about Obama’s “leak prosecutions.”

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins declared, “Under Obama, the DOJ and FBI spied on reporters by monitoring phone record, called one journalist an unindicted co-conspirator, and issued subpoenas to force journalists to reveal sources and testify."

Obama claims no scandals in his administration, forgetting the IRS treatment of conservative groups for which heavy fines were levied. President Obama claimed there wasn’t “a smidgen of evidence” against the IRS.

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents about gun running into Mexico. Holder proudly claimed he was “the president’s wing-man” (protector).

Joel Pollak ( covered Obama’s September speech at the University of Illinois where he actually received an award for “ethics in government.” Pollack said the former president’s speech “was based on “conceit,” and a false portrait of America then and now.” Obama blamed Trump for the hatred and political divisiveness in the nation, not his own administration. Obama said Trump divided the nation into “tribes” and “racial groups,” not his own administration. Pollak wrote that Obama said Trump’s DOJ is politicized as if his was not.

How can we forget the lies told during Obama’s reign about the Benghazi tragedy and attempted coverup; the sale of uranium to Russia; Obama’s promise to a Russian official to be “more flexible with Putin” after his re-election. And the infamous bribe-induced capitulation in the Iran nuclear deal.

Obama made no mention of President Trump’s foreign policy successes but

made a plea for “more sanity in government” by electing Democrats and opposing Trump’s policies. Pollak doubted that Democrat attempts to “impeach President Trump, raise taxes, and abolish borders and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, would “restore sanity” to politics.

Monica Showalter ( reminds us of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and concluded, “Obama is campaigning for a Democratic Congress to switch committee chairs and take the heat off himself from probes by congressional investigators.”

Political writer Lisa Schiffren and Fox News commentator Judge Janine Pirro have both credited President Obama for being “the cause of the Trump presidency,” for which they gave thanks.

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