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President and now civilian Donald J. Trump has suffered pernicious media and Democrat attacks. The Democrats did not recognize his election, tried with two politicized impeachments to drive him from office, and now try to ruin his legacy.

Soon after Trump’s 2020 election, he faced the false charge of “Russian Collusion,” and had to deal with the collusion of the FBI, Intelligence communities, and media, and lies and money from the Hillary Clinton campaign fostered to distract from her notorious email scandals.

Democrats didn’t accept Trump’s election and excused and encouraged the violent Antifa/BLM riots. Some Democrats wanted to expunge the Electoral College but criticize Republicans for questioning the Biden election and the Electoral Process.

The Democrats and media favor silencing Trump supporters, and demonize them as “deplorables,” and seditionists who need to be banned from government jobs and other employment. Talk about McCarthyism and Stalinist and Communist totalitarianism.

Democrats want Trump gone and not running for office again. But Trump’s 75 million voters will support him if he runs for office, or any media and political endeavors he might pursue. If the few Republicans who oppose him vote for impeachment and conviction, the Republican Party will suffer.

Failure to correct the numerous “election irregularities” that occurred in the 2020 election, and alleged 2021 Georgia U.S. Senate election controversies will cause the GOP could lose supporters and future elections.

Daniel Davies (American Thinker) synthesized President Trump’s achievements, including: the economy, Middle East peace agreements, stepping up to the threats of North Korea, China, and Middle East terrorism; achieving U.S. energy independence, rebuilding the military, strengthening U.S. border security, speeding up the development of the China virus vaccine, and illuminating the positive and patriotic study of American history in response to those who demonize America and foster anti-American disrespect in the minds of students. That was the 1776 project Biden will deep-six.

Biden and his Democrat powerbrokers are trying to intimidate, silence, and criminalize any opposition. President Trump was chastised for calling a hostile, biased press who kept balanced information from readers, “An enemy of the people.” Outrage followed, but none when Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi called Trump supporters and implied this about her Republican congressional colleagues, “enemies of the state.”

Among Biden’s first anti-Trump actions was a moratorium on deporting “illegal immigrants,” a phrase he is forbidding federal employees to use. A federal judge blocked the moratorium. Biden Is determined to stop the Keystone Pipeline project and other regional pipelines, antagonizing Canada and American unions. and taking jobs from tens of thousands of workers. Biden is exacerbating cultural conflict with his politically correct excesses. Where are the judges who blocked so many of President Trump’s EOs?

The Biden administration’s autocratic “diversity, equity, and inclusion” political agenda is being carried out in school and governmental entities across the nation. As Minnesota Powerline writer Scott Johnson wrote, the Biden administration’s “equity” plans do not foster “equal rights,” but “who gets what according to race and ethnicity.”

Minnesota Powerline pundit John Hinderaker interviewed Fox News host Laura Ingraham in the 2021 Winter Edition of The Center for the American Experiment periodical “Thinking Minnesota.” Ingraham said the Democrat “cancel culture” agenda “is going to proceed because they don’t want debates, they want to dominate.”

Communist China shows no fear of President Biden, despite or maybe because of the controversial financial machinations allegedly conducted by then Obama Vice President Biden and his son Hunter, whose controversial laptop litany of information has yet to be released or adjudicated. China has recently sent bomber and fighter plane flights into Taiwan air space and continues aggressive naval operations in the South China Sea.

These Democrat policy issues will determine the fate of America. Hopefully, the Republican Party will unify enough to successfully combat the political insanity.

To the chagrin of Democrats and the media, Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy recently met with Donald Trump in Florida to plan a unified front against the Democrat regime. Donald Trump Is temporarily down, but not out. He and his supporters are not going anywhere soon.

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