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Americans are clashing over the historical and political issues that will define the future of the nation. The contentious debates are leading to the tribalization and balkanization of America, much like the ethnic conflicts in Yugoslavia that dismembered that Balkan nation in the late 20th century.

American Thinker columnist John Green fears America’s “foundations of freedom and liberty” are threatened by political and social divisiveness and a “Balkanization toward mob rule.” Green says there exists “a growing grievance industry that is pitting citizen against citizen as America disintegrates into rival tribes that are destroying the American melting pot.”

Green believes “the diversity training industry is encouraging segregation by race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.” The politicized FBI, Green asserts, “is looking for alleged white male conservative extremists,” while ignoring the riots and violence of BLM and ANTIFA. Green contends judicial “due process” is being eclipsed because “defense witnesses have been intimidated by the mob.” Constitutional protections are “fading into irrelevance, and Americans are being taught to distrust each other and despise America.”

The “Woke” protagonists and many so-called “experts” on science, Covid-19, climate change, and gender have been wrong, political, and influenced by funding and fame. “political” science.

World War II General and 1950’s President Dwight David Eisenhower warned in his Farewell Address that the citizenry must be wary and critical of the military-industrial complex. Less publicized was Ike’s warning to be suspicious of “experts” who have biases, financial interests, and agendas, as Seton Motley enumerated in his article, “fake scientists, Big Tech, and academia.”

Eisenhower warned about “the councils of government” acquiring “unwarranted influence and misplaced power” that “endangers our liberties and democratic processes.”

John Green applies Eisenhower’s admonitions as “a warning about the military sinking into the Deep State,” and credits Eisenhower with being “very prescient.” Green regrets that today’s military has “gone from merit-based to woke-based;” and “traditionalist military personnel are being driven out of the armed forces.” Conservative, nationalist, patriotic military personnel alleged to be a threat to national security when it is Leftist “Wokeism” that is.

Especially perceptive was Eisenhower’s warning that public policy could become the captive of “a scientific-technological elite.”

Seton Motley believes that that today’s “Big-Tech” dictates public policy, censors’ critics, and is aided by Big Media “fake news.”

The U.S. military is being forced to adhere to politically correct dogma and critical race theory which erodes military values, training, patriotism, and mission unity.

U.S. Army combat veteran Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) told Breitbart News that critical race theory “is a Marxist ideology defining class struggle along racial lines which is destructive to morale and unit cohesion.”

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, critical of the PC Woke military indoctrination of military members, was quoted by reporter Tom Batchelor as saying, “A woke, emasculated military in not the best idea.” Cruz contrasted the Russian and American recruiting campaigns, the former traditional, the latter politically correct and Woke.

Examples of the Leftist programming in the U.S. Armed Forces are highlighted in Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier’s book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. For his knowledge and courage, the U.S. Air Force commander of the Space Force was relieved of command.

The Woke indoctrination program, Lohmeier contends, weakens the military. New York Post columnist Samuel Chamberlain quotes Lohmeier’s claim the new training teaches military personnel that “America is racist and evil,” and “this agenda will divide, not unify us.”

It remains to be seen whether this military and naval training agenda will have that result before it is stopped.

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