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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Look for a new restaurant in downtown Rochester.

The Rochester City Council Monday approved the sale of the former Dooley’s Pub. It is being purchased by Powers Ventures for $1.4-million.

The city had sought requests for leased use of the downtown site after the previous lease was terminated earlier this year but “received no interest.”



According to the information reviewed by the council before the vote was taken, the space will be used “for a contemporary restaurant concept. Power Ventures owns and operates the Canadian Honker restaurant and other food and entertainment-related businesses.

Dooley’s was one of the hot spots in downtown Rochester for several years. Its most recent owner had a rough year during 2020 because of the pandemic shutdown. It also temporarily closed two times because of Covid outbreaks and a third time when its food and beverage license was suspended by the county health department.

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