We live in a time where riots and violence are called “free speech.” And where peaceful anti-lockdown protestors are called “violent.”

Where the disastrous Minneapolis police handling of a criminal suspect has led to a death, the indictment of a police officer, and violent national demonstrations and riots.

Where the Minneapolis mayor sends facial masks and social distancing pleas to rioters while allowing the burning down of a police precinct station. Governor Waltz should be credited, however, with calling up the entire state National Guard after the initial retreat of security forces.

Where thousands of allegedly Minnesota “Nice” people engaged in violent, dangerous behavior and attacked police officers. All of this in a minority-conscious, Blue State “woke” city. “The World Is Upside Down.”

The Department of Justice and Attorney General William Barr is initiating action against Antifa and other Leftist agitators, as the Biden campaign team sends bail money to incarcerated activists.

Away from the riot scene and looting, William Barr recommended the case by the FBI against former Trump intelligence advisor and military hero Gen. Michael Flynn be dropped because of alleged “prosecutorial misconduct” and “entrapment” by the Dept. of Justice, Special Counsel Mueller’s team, and FBI.

General Flynn had been slated to be Trump’s national security advisor. Flynn’s military experience in that field gave him knowledge of Obama administration foreign policy failures. Flynn knew, as one observer stated, “where the bodies were buried.” No wonder, after Trump’s 2016 election, Obama warned the president not to hire Gen. Flynn.

Recent DOJ documents revealed the coverup of information and shielding of transcripts by Democrat House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff. Schiff’s public misinformation campaign and tactics included telephone taps of officials, lawyers, and a journalist. Schiff was forced to release his documents in May. Sources contend Schiff is now worried about his culpability, as is Barack Obama probably is, hence his recent public criticism of Attorney General Barr.

Trump aides and the president were exonerated from Russia collusion accusations when the allegations proved unverifiable. But the FBI and Mueller teams kept the investigation going. Agents who interviewed Flynn concluded he was innocent of the charges and recommended closing the case. High ranking partisans kept it open.

In mid-May of 2020, Obama publicly criticized the DOJ dismissal request of charges against Flynn. Obama contended the dismissal put “the rule of law at risk.” Speculation ensued that the former president did not want his own role in encouraging and monitoring the Flynn investigation or his potential culpability revealed.

George Washington University constitutional law professor Jonathan was quoted by reporter Nick Arama on 9 May as stating the DOJ did not contradict the “rule of law” as Obama claimed. Turley cited court precedents for the DOJ action and recalled that a dismissal of charges in another case had been requested by President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder. Arama cited Obama’s alleged transgressions of “the rule law” in his executive orders and his administration’s spying on reporters and Obama’s CIA director John Brennan spying on members of Congress.

And now, “Obamagate” has revealed that then-President Obama and his team were involved in unmasking Flynn, the leaking of which is a federal crime. That is being investigated now, and Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenas may flow from that. Stay tuned.

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