The inhabitants of the Establishment “Swamp” Trump is draining aren’t giving up without a fight. Anti-Trump demonstrations, some violent and allegedly paid for, continue. The disgruntled media, belligerent Democrats, and some displaced Republicans are determined to diminish or drive the new president from office, or weaken his base in future elections.

Meanwhile Team Trump, whether or not the media covers it, is courting enthusiastic economic groups, attracting industries, growing the stock market, rounding up criminal illegals, and fostering border security ideas and companies that want to build a stronger, technologically enhanced TX-MX “Wall,”

On the foreign policy front, the eloquent and forceful U.S. ambassador to the UN, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, is defending American interests and chastising rogue regimes.

Trump and his exemplary national security team are implementing effective policies, Obama’s Red Line for Syria, drawn with a pen, was forcefully illuminated with Trump’s Tomahawk missiles. China has shown signs of helpful engagement in trade, and reigning in North Korea.

The Trump allegation of Obama administration political surveillance has led to potential political and intelligence agency embarrassment if not illegalities, and alleged foreign involvement by Russia and even American allies in the U.S. political process.

Future congressional hearings should be revealing.

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