This week, Tessa shows James the Underground, the basement at Grand Rounds. It is a LOT more than a basement, tho. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, it is a restaurant called Marrow. It doesn't seat many people, there's one amazing chef, a server, and a record player. Oh, and listen to the podcast to hear the amazing food served at Marrow.

This episode pairs nicely with Thirst Burst - 4.6% ABV 8 IBU

Listen to the Grand Rounds Brewing Podcast From June 8, 2019:

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Each Saturday, Tessa Leung, founder, and CEO of Grand Rounds Brewing Co. in Downtown Rochester chats with James Rabe about what’s happening downtown and all things Grand Rounds — everything from the beer they brew to the meals they serve. Listen to new podcasts on News-Talk 1340 AM & 96.9 FM Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.

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