Many people felt the Rochester City Council "slipped in" the pay raise issue at a recent meeting. Is that true? Rochester's Mayor Kim Norton says no.

In case you missed the news from November, "A motion offered and approved in the final minutes of Monday night's meeting of the Rochester City Council could lead to major pay raises for the elected officials." (Whole story HERE)

The majority of people commenting on the story were/are upset by the amount of money being talked about and upset about the way it came late in the meeting, maybe when most people would be turning the feed off.

Listen to the Rochester Today podcast to hear Mayor Norton's explanation. (Aired live on KROC 1390 AM & 96.9 FM between 11 and 12 noon 12/02/19 - only commercials and non-related conversation has been removed). 


James Rabe: I think the perception is pretty strong, though, that it was not printed on the agenda as a pay raise, so slipped in. Obviously, you all have the right to do that...

Mayor Norton: I really want to push back on that. Cuz I think that's the part that's been misunderstood. It wasn't slipped in and no it wasn't on the agenda, because it was a Council Initiated Action.

And that's where those come up. And nothing was voted on at that meeting, nothing was...action wasn't taken other than to study it and bring back more information, which is happening at this meeting.

So...if it feels a little hinky, that's OK. You get to feel that way. In the end, though, liking the way it went down or not, the Mayor is correct. This is exactly the kind of thing that comes up in that part of the agenda. It's legit parliamentary procedure. Just like, "New business" is rarely brought up near the beginning of the meeting.

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