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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man and woman are facing charges connected to a reported assault earlier this month that involved a machete.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim is the woman’s brother.

He called police Sept 7th to report he had been assaulted earlier in the day by his sister’s boyfriend. The responding officer “observed several injuries on him including bruising to the neck, lacerations on the back of his hands, and scratches on his forearms.” 

The victim told the officer he discovered the couple in his residence and said they “were upset with him because they believed he assaulted a nephew the night before.”  The victim said they left when he grabbed a knife to defend himself.  The victim said as they were leaving, they said "they were going to grab a machete and the dog”.

He said they later back and forced their way into his home.

The victim said the boyfriend grabbed him by the neck and swung a machete at his head but missed and hit the wall. The victim said he raised his arm to block the machete and was hit on the elbow. He said the boyfriend “threatened to cut off the victim’s arms, legs and head.”  When the victim said he was going to call the police, the couple left.

Facing charges in the incident are 24-year-old Rene Lopez and 27-year-old Manuela Heribia.


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