Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester Park Board has sent the City Council some proposed rules dealing with dogs in parks.  

Included is a recommendation to require dogs be on a 10 foot leash when within 25 feet of events, playgrounds, shelters and other buildings and trails. Leashes would also be required in all of Quarry Hill Park except for a designated area on the west side. Dogs would also be required to be under control by leash or command when other people approach in any part of a park. The Council is  considering its own changes in other parts of the city.

(See below for summary of recommendations)

The Park Board also approved master plans for the planned Gamehaven Park and expansion and renovation of Quarry Hill Park. The Park Department is seeking state funds to help pay for both projects. The Gamehaven proposal has an estimated cost of $14.4 million. The estimated cost of the Quarry Hill project is $3.2 million.

The Board was also told work on the Rec Center/Senior Center project was temporarily delayed and extra costs have already been incurred.  Some unexpected asbestos was discovered and the cost to deal with it is estimated at $50,000.  Material from the former landfill the project is being built on halted work until it could be removed and that extra cost has also been estimated at $50,000. That cost may go up if more of the material has to be removed.

Leash recommendations:

45B.10. Animals. Subdivision 1. No person shall take, ride, drive or conduct into a park or upon any parkway, any quadruped or other animal except the following:

(1) dogs that are under control of a responsible person subject to the requirements of Subdivisions 2 and 3 of this section;. (2) horses that are being used for carriage rides pursuant to a permit issued by the park board under the provisions of this code; and (3) such other animals as shall be permitted under the direction of the superintendent of parks.

Subd. 2. Dogs shall be kept on a leash not longer than 10 feet when they are:

(i) within 25 feet of locations where special events, concerts and organized sporting events are being held, except for organized events where dogs are the participants;

(ii) within 25 feet of playgrounds, picnic shelters, and other areas where picnic tables and park benches are located;

(iii) within a 25 foot trail corridor centered on any maintained trail; and

(iv) within any portion of Quarry Hill Park.

Subd. 3. At all other locations within the parks dogs must at all times be under the control of a responsible person by command, leash, chain, cable or kennel. Dogs under control of a responsible person by command must remain within sight of the person and be adequately trained to return to the person when called. The responsible person must control the dog by command or leash when others approach.

Subd. 4. Dogs that have been designated as dangerous or potentially dangerous pursuant to RCO 106A. 18 or state law may not be in parks unless they are muzzled and restrained by a substantial chain or leash and under the physical restraint of a responsible person.